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Eriq Powers Professional Facilitator

Eriq Powers Professional Facilitator

NEXTeams Team Development is the product of Eriq Powers’ continuing evolution as an experience-based team building and adventure facilitator.  In 2001, Eriq opened GO-AdventureSports – a team building and adventure instruction company dedicated to introducing groups and organizations to enhanced teamwork through ropes courses, portable team building and “extreme sports” instruction.

Throughout his evolution as a facilitator and guide, Eriq has continuously sought to improve his offerings to the client. Seeking new and innovative facilitation techniques, Eriq began to research, attend seminars, and eventually became certified as a Professional Facilitator through Leadership Strategies, Inc.  Armed with new perspectives and a renewed enthusiasm, Eriq went through each of his existing team building offerings and improved the benefit to the client by the development of new activities, streamlining classic activities, and cutting activities that seemed to produce less lasting benefit.  The result was a new company, with a more long-view approach to team development.  NEXTeams is “the NEXT Step in Team Development.”  We look forward to serving you.

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