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Achieve a High Performing Team through Multi-Sport Adventure Instruction

One of the most powerful bonds we can make with the people we work with is through the shared experience of an outdoor adventure.  Putting your life in the hands of one of your team mates, and relying on their judgment and skill is a true measure of one’s trustworthiness.  Our Multi-Sport Adventure programs give small groups and teams an opportunity to form those bonds in an instructional setting, giving individuals new skills that can either serve as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, or set them on a lifetime of new adventures.

Please Note: All of our Adventure Instruction programs can be found on the GO-Adventures website – home to the recreational team building and adventure instruction branch of The NEXTeams Companies.

Here are just a few of our Upcoming Adventures:

Rock Climbing – From the beginner (top-roping) to advanced (multi-pitch lead climbing), we can take your small group of up to 4 to 12 participants out for a day up to a week of rock climbing instruction.

Technical Ice Climbing – Winter doesn’t need to be the end of your adventure pursuits!  Learn the basics of this challenging but rewarding winter adventure that combines the skills of rock climbing with the chill of negotiating a frozen waterfall.  There is nothing like it!

Adventure Caving – The wild caves of West Virginia and Pennsylvania make an excellent introduction to the unique world of spelunking and adventure caving.

Via Ferrata – The Via Ferrata gives relatively inexperienced adventurers an opportunity to climb using iron-rung ladders that are drilled into a rock face, then walk across a 500 foot wooden-planked bridge and continue up another rock face and finally summit a fin of rock that is 1200 feet higher than where you started!

Adventure Weekend – Put two or more adventure experiences together and either sleep in a tent or cabin before heading out to your next challenge.  The Adventure Weekend is like camp for grown-ups!