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a sequence of deinhibitizing games, problem-solving initiatives, and trust exercises, which can be set up in offices, parks, retreat centers, etc… (facilitator-driven and goals-oriented)

a self-led rotational-style of team building event, combining games, problem-solving initiatives and trust exercises into a less-intense, low-impact recreational team builder which can be set up anywhere and for low cost…(team leader-driven fun energizer)

combining deinhibitizing games, problem-solving initiatives, and trust exercises with the added thrill of the high elements, the ropes course is traditional team building at its best! (facilitator-driven and goals oriented or just for fun energizer)

an opportunity for groups and teams to participate in a combination of traditional team building activities and a community service project. (combination of facilitation and team leadership/volunteerism)Toggle Content

an exciting and competitive event for smaller groups, the Race Day enhances teamwork through the creation of a Soapbox Derby Racer. Teams of 2 to 4 participants will compete to build, brand and race their vehicle, producing their creation on time and within budget

Adventure Instruction

From the beginner (top-roping) to advanced (multi-pitch lead climbing), we can take your small group of 4 to 12 participants out for one or more days of rock climbing instruction. Learn to trust and enhance communication while getting strong and having fun!

Winter doesn’t need to be the end of your adventure pursuits! Learn the basics of this challenging but rewarding winter adventure that combines the skills of rock climbing with the chill of negotiating a frozen waterfall. There is nothing like it!

The wild caves of West Virginia and Pennsylvania make an excellent introduction to the unique world of spelunking and adventure caving. Communication is key in this highly physical individual and group challenge.

Using many of the skills common to rock climbing and ice climbing, technical tree climbing will teach you how to throw a rope into a tree, ascend the rope, move safely between branches and between trees, and how to safely rappel back to the ground again. This is a great teamwork exercise!

Combine two or more adventure experiences together and either sleep in a tent or cabin before heading out to your next challenge. The Adventure Weekend is like camp for grown-ups!

Facilitator Training

  • effective sequencing of activities
  • types of activities (games, getting-to-know you, initiatives, low elements, trust building)
  • framing and debriefing techniques
  • building vs. buying your props and equipment
  • resources for facilitators

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